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Waterproofing and dampproofing is not a cost, it's an investment.

Enjoy the comfort of having dry ceilings and water-tight walls. We offer both a service and a product. Our turn-key service is in the repair of damp and leaks and our product is thorough and professional. We have more than 13 years of experience and our core waterproofing team has been working in the damp control industry for many years.

Why are we different?

We use cement-based waterproofing.

Cement gets stronger with time.

Why are we better?

Our solutions are built just for you.

Each damp and waterproofing solution is custom designed.

Why choose us?

We have an engineering background.

We have a qualified team for long lasting solutions.

Cement doesn't degrade when exposed to the weather.

Maintenance is easy.


See what our clients have to say about us:

Balcony Repair

Devil's Peak - City Bowl, Cape Town

An image of work in progress

"I just want to say thank you for a job well done!

Your guys are very respectful and I appreciate their attention to detail, also they cleaned up every day before they leave. This was a new experience, no drama, no mistakes.

Gretna Du Toit
Rising Damp Repair

V&A Waterfront - Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town

An image of work in progress

"I would like to commend Mr. Berman on the professional way he conducts business and making the experience relatively painless. We will definitely recommend you.

Best regards, Thinus Mostert"
Parapet used in Refurbishment

Observatory - Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

An image of work in progress

"Thank you guys for work done beautifully again.

Best regards, Marit Jansen"
Waterproof Cement Slab

Wynberg - Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

An image of completed work

"I have been trying to get to the bottom of the water / damp situation at my house (built around 1932) for a few months and up until now the guys from various companies have come to have a look and fled. . . then I found these guys. http://www.jv-waterproofing.co.za and they have restored my faith in the possibility that they actually know what they are dealing with and can actually sort this out. Plus, their quote was a third of what I had imagined it was going to be."
Alexis Z.

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