B Berman Waterproofing and Restoration

With more than 20 years of experience in construction,

we have confidence in our ability to diagnose and repair your damp and waterproofing problems.


"My apartment is leaking. Can you help?"

"How can I stop my garage roof from leaking?"

"I have an underground wine cellar which is damp. How do I keep it dry?"

"My child's bedroom smells damp and mouldy. What is the solution?"

"There are some bad leaks through the concrete roof and brick walls of my house. How can I effectively stop these leaks?"

The answer isn't always obvious. B Berman Waterproofing can solve your problem by inspecting the affected areas. We may then compose a quotation determining the cause of the leaks and damp, make recommendations and design a method for repair.

Our most sought after service is cement based waterproofing. We seal leakages from the inside (tanking) and from the outside we secure, for example, swimming pools and dams. When we say we offer a turn key service, we insist that the job is not complete until we've retiled and painted the sealed areas.

In cases where water streams in to your establishment along the walls, we offer roof flashing repairs. When structural integrity is in danger, we offer reinforcement and repairs.

Sometimes the experience and knowledge of an expert is required by our clients. Bernard Berman, a Civil Engineer and the CEO of B Berman Waterproofing offers diagnoses and investigative reporting for waterproofing problems - these reports are especially useful for legal purposes. The investigative process requires adept knowledge on procedures such as flood tests and determining moisture content. Mr Berman has represented clients as an expert witness where disputes relating to water ingress have arisen.

In short, we offer a variety of services:

  • Quotations on damp, leaking walls, ceilings and more
  • A turn key Cement Based Waterproofing service
  • Investigative Reports detailing the status of current establishments